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2nd Rehearsal Feedback and more...

As always, please read the entire post!

Thanks everyone for a good rehearsal last night. And thanks for learning your parts on your own. Make sure to keep paying special attention to rhythms. If there's any confusion, please let me know and I'll sing it myself and send you an mp3! :-)

I have some individual notes that some of you will be receiving today as well, so please look for them in your inbox.

An overall note from Gayle: please be mindful of enunciating each word. She had some trouble understanding some of the lyrics.

Here are your action items:

  • Please email me your 60-word (or less) bio by Monday. It needs to be written in third person.

  • If you are on Facebook, make sure you "like" the "disconnected" FB page so I can tag you when I feature your photo.

  • I'm moving up the call time on 1/27 to 12:30 PM so we can make sure sound check is done properly. Please adjust your calendars.

  • Call times on the other two performances will be one hour prior to "go" time (1/29 6:30 PM, 2/3 1:00 PM). Please adjust your calendars.

  • A friendly reminder that while we are rehearsing, please put away cell phones. We will have a break each rehearsal and you can check them then. Thanks for being considerate of all involved.

  • For performances, please wear all black. If you don't have all black, you are not required to buy anything, but wear dark colors if possible.

  • As mentioned last night, there are not many seats left. This will be your last notice to encourage you to post, share, and/or email your friends, etc. And FYI, I am doing a heavy marketing blast this weekend so I expect more tickets to sell.

Thanks and see everyone at my house this Saturday at 12:00 noon sharp!

Chris :-)

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