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3rd Rehearsal Feedback and more...

Nice job everyone on Saturday. We appreciate everyone being there on time and being focused and engaged.

Here is a LINK to all the music and scores. The ones with the numbers in front of them (i.e., "01 Prologue...mp3.) are the ones to use if you want to practice with no melody lines. Those are the ones we've been using in rehearsals.

Please read the libretto (or at least your parts) before rehearsal on Wednesday. Read the song lyrics too as it will provide an overall picture of how things mesh together.

We have decided to postpone any recording session for now since schedules are hard to align in February. More on that later.

Our director, Kelley Marchant, will be there on Wednesday night. We will be reading/singing the libretto straight through, and then she will probably give a few notes, Depending on how the songs sounded, we may go over any rough spots.

As always, if you need a private rehearsal, let me know and you can either come early, stay late, or we can arrange a time this week. Chris would be happy to travel your direction if that helps.

See everyone on Wednesday, at Chris' house, at 7:30 PM.


Chris & Gayle


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