• Chris Rentzel

5th Rehearsal Notes

Hi everyone,

Here are your rehearsal notes from today:

  • Practice lines and be able to speak them fluidly—especially the lines with complicated words. If you need help with any pronunciations, let one of us know!

  • Make sure to be in character and remember your character's personality and motivation.

  • Remember to react to other's lines.

  • Be mindful of changes in tone within a scene.

  • Ensemble in chairs need to know when they're "in" the scene (i.e., students, campers, etc.)... at these points they should be attentive to the main action and not in their books. Other scenes it's best if they just read along from the book and not watch so much.

  • Remember that lyrics are like lines—they have to be "lived" and tell the story in the same way the dialogue in between does.

  • Read through lines/songs/cues a couple times between rehearsals to help the rehearsals go a little smoother.

  • Now that we have some song intros starting while dialog is going on, be mindful of speaking your lines closer to the mic if necessary. We will test that out at dress rehearsal on Friday.

  • Speaking of dress rehearsal, no need to wear all black for that, but for performances, yes.

  • Everyone is doing great! Keep up the good work... always listen and respond!

  • See everyone Wednesday (at Chris' house) at 7:30 PM. It sure would help if we can extend rehearsal 15 minutes to 9:45 PM on Wednesday. You are not obligated to stay, but if you are able, then that will help in case we run over a bit.


Gayle, Kelley, and Chris


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