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Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Myself and a co-writer are in the beginning stages of writing a full-length musical. It will be based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It will be a dark, serious adaptation set in Oregon in the late 1990s. Key themes will be unrequited love, Y2K, technology, neuroscience, relationships, loneliness, and disconnect. Our first major goal is to have a staged reading at Fertile Ground Festival next Jan/Feb 2019. We are looking for actors for that reading. Although we may love to have you stick with the project after that, it is not a requirement. Actors will be financially compensated, although at this time, rates, etc. have not been finalized. Payments will be equitable and prompt.

Below is a very rough timeline of events. And remember, this is just for a "reading"—you won't have to memorize lines, and there won't be nearly as much of a time commitment as a full show.

  • Auditions (specific to roles): early/mid summer

  • 1-2 small private readings (for feedback): between Aug. and Oct.

  • 1-2 Individual rehearsals: between Sept. and Nov.

  • 3-4 Group rehearsals: between Nov.-Jan.

  • 2-3 readings (lasting approx. one hour) at Fertile Ground: between Jan. 24 - Feb. 3, 2019

  • Writers continue to write/edit: Feb.-June 2019

  • Actors available for workshops: Summer or Fall 2019

  • TBD (i.e, major workshop and/or first staged production): late 2019-early 2020

Please feel free to review my website for my bio and resumé, as well as some info about my co-writer.

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